Review: Thai Square Spa, London

I am generally not a person who goes to spas or for massages. Not because I don’t like or enjoy them, but more because that is a serious treat and my income usually has to go on more important things. Like rent, for example (#life). So, when I was invited down to Thai Square Spa on Northumberland Avenue I jumped at the chance.

Tucked away around the corner from Embankment tube station, the inside of the spa is vastly different to the London hustle and bustle going on outside. Marked only by two large flags, the exterior doesn’t give away quite how serene and peaceful it is. A welcome spot of respite from the chaos and school trip groups (which I got caught up in more than once, smooth) in the surrounding area.

After being checked in, I was shown to the changing room and given my robe and paper pants. I’ve only ever had one other massage in my life, and I wasn’t given paper pants that time. The amateur in me got mentally prepared to be seen in this state by a stranger, and walked out to meet my masseuse.

I was walked down through the sen space (more on that later) and taken into one of the many treatment rooms. After being given a cup of fruit tea, my feet were washed using their lush iMantara products in a bowl before dropping my robe and getting on the table.

The masseuse had asked if there were any particular areas I needed to focus on. The combination of rarely getting massages, carrying around some heavy tits, and usually being hunched over a computer meant one thing – “back”.

I had opted for the ritual massage, which included a good rub down over all safe areas. Legs, arms, back, chest, head. It began with a hot glove wipe on my legs, before the luxurious oils were massaged into my skin.

The lovely lady who treated me deserves a medal after the work she did on my back. I was right to call that out as the focus area, as you’d be forgiven for thinking that part of me was full of bubble wrap inside. She went to town on it like an absolute trooper, smashing out all the knots that had built up since my last (and only) massage around five years ago. The head massage at the end was a welcome surprise too, and it left me feeling like I was halfway between floating and falling asleep on the table.

I felt like a new woman by the end of it. The quality of the massage was incredible and the products they used were perfect from start to finish.

Thai Square Spa sen space

After the massage, I was taken to the sen space and given another delicious fruit tea. Full of relaxing recliners and interesting decor, it’s the perfect place to re-balance and come back to the real world after a treatment.

The whole spa was a real treat to be in. Every aspect of it seemed to be thought out incredibly well, from the welcoming reception area, the comfortable changing room, and the relaxation of the treatment area downstairs.

Find out more about Thai Square Spa by visiting their website here.

Visit the Thai Square Spa Facebook page here.

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