One sentence that reminds me to stay positive

The turns and curves of life make us wander selflessly in the lonely places; a backyard, a dense forest, a beach or even a dark room. By the way, it could be a drive to your favourite cafe!

Just like you, I’ve also gone through the ups and downs in life. Okay, so education, career, financial loses and relationships are something every struggling person goes through and that’s understandable. But, what about self-improvement and how can we stay positive in the those circumstances?

I follow the core principle of self-improvement to pursue a lifestyle of my own choice. Here, lifestyle doesn’t mean those lavish houses, furnished decor or an expensive car, it’s about the little rituals of pleasure in life.

To be honest, there are numerous ways to improve yourself. You just need an eye to discover your interests in life. If you are in doubt about your likeness I would say to think about anything that pleases you. Dude! It’s way easy.

I’ve known it from the past three years of my life that one can only achieve a better life if he/she desires it. Practising something daily for a minute or hours is necessary for personal growth.

So, you wanted to know that one sentence that reminds me to stay positive?

Here it is, ‘become interested’.

Yes, that’s right.

‘Become interested’ is that one sentence I stick to my phone’s wallpaper, desktop and even on my mirror. To be honest, I also read motivational quotes daily. You may be wondering, why?

The idea is clear.

The chaotic busy schedules, turmoil, restlessness and environmental disturbances trap us in emotional distinctive directions. We need to get out of it so staying positive is the principle key. Don’t let it go easily.

It’s important for everyone to unleash the true self and become interested in those goals. It does not only provide happiness and inner satisfaction but also motivation and appreciation at every end.

The practice of knowing uncertain things or becoming interested in those neglected issues might give you a boost up and a success in life. Why not? It once occurred with every successful person and learners always appreciate the chapter of knowing.

I want to stay curious in knowing things every day and every night. The urge of knowing is the initial step in the long journey of challenges, mishap, failure and despair.

Now, there are two types of people. Ones who confidently deliver dialogues by saying, ‘I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN’. The other kind of people keep the interest of knowing and they preferably start off an idea or thought with “I am interested in knowing”.

I happily go with the second category that prefers the interest and follow the principle of ‘What if’. Staying curious helps in getting the comprehensive idea about anything and it enables you to learn something every day.

It’s important for me to know the secrets of a successful blog, the aspirations in life, the key principle to become a good human and of course the skills to become a better writer.

The quest for a better life is unsolved as we want everything to be revealed but no one can solve the giant mystery of this Universe. But, I am sure there is nothing wrong to become interested in the coincidences, strange behaviours, surprises, magic and life of successful people.

Ralph Waldo Emerson quote

I am impressed and motivated with the writers who write about self-improvement. It’s one of the best practices to become interested in something. If you’re a fitness trainer then it’s important to know about the latest machines and techniques to help your clients. It’s even necessary to understand the problems of your clients and how you can improve it. Every work or state of art requires your personal interest because it will help you grow smartly and confidently.

I have a strong feeling of eagerness to discover the blogging world and how it inspires millions of people every day (including me, the secret fan of amazing bloggers). My interest in writing and blogging have been increasing with the passage of time.

I started with writing diaries and notes at an early age. It was an ideal way to remember birthdays, ideas, thoughts and relationships. For the last 2 years, I tried to maintain my personal small blog at the free platform WordPress with title ‘Arfa’s Blogging Book’.

A few months back, I was exhausted with the limited features of a free plan and I wanted to expand my blog because I was genuinely interested in doing so. I did the basic research for almost more than 20 days and found an incredible website to provide me accurate guidelines. The genius helped me through web hosting to setting up my blog.

Exceptionally, I was also interested in the world of freelancing. At first, it was a daunting task to find a trustworthy online forum. But, I stayed positive and interested in knowing more about freelancing. I got help from some real good friends and it worked, at least I started doing something. Yes, I am also a freelance writer and love to do writing with an interest.

I am interested in knowing the backgrounds of fellow human beings, the little pleasures of life and the real stories. It makes me to stay positive and get motivated.

I would love to know about your one sentence that reminds you to stay positive.

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